Best Service Forest Kingdom II

€205.04 €215.83

Forest Kingdom II is the sequel to the award winning Best Service sample library Forest Kingdom by Eduardo Tarilonte, creator of ‰ÛÏDesert Winds"åÓ , ‰ÛÏEpic WorldåÓ" and many more. Forest Kingdom II is a unique sample library inspired by Nature. It is the sound of forests and jungles and the sound of Mother Nature in one magic sample library!

Bigger than ever, Forest Kingdom II gives you 300 patches, 430 unique MIDI files and 12.665 individual samples, more than 11 GB of flutes, harps, percussion, fantasy creatures, voices and sonic landscapes. Never sampled wind instruments recall ancient times, unheard percussion instruments inspire with a deep and authentic ethnic sound. Deep in the magic forest you find natural instruments, deeply sampled true legato, portamento, round robin and multiple ornaments all playable in real time.

Forest Kingdom II is the perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambiences for films, documentaries, video games, new age music or anything else. Besides many new instruments, patches, MIDI grooves and soundscapes Forest Kingdom II includes the complete Forest Kingdom (I).

Many features like true legato, instrument loading times andåÊ RAM usage were improved and the original Forest Kingdom patches were revised and updated to match the new ones.

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