EastWest Pianos - Bösendorfer 290

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EastWest Pianos Bösendorfer 290 - Welcome to one of the most detailed collections ever recorded of the world famous Bösendorfer 290. This particular piano - a 9 foot and 6 inch Grand Imperial Concert Grand made in Austria in 2000 - was played by a Russian concert pianist for 4 years giving it a very warm tone with a huge dynamic range.

It stuck out in a room full of world class pianos. It is a very romantic piano and sounds more like a Steinway than a factory tuned Bösendorfer. Producer Nick Phoenix bought the Bösendorfer in 2006, and the sound of this piano coupled with the purchase of EastWest Studios sparked the idea to create this EastWest QL Pianos virtual instrument collection.

EastWest QL Pianos is a Gold Edition virtual instrument that includes four of the world's finest grand pianos: the Gold edition of this Bösendorfer 290, a Steinway D, a Bechstein D-280, and a Yamaha C7. Click here for full details on the complete EastWest QL Pianos collection.

This Silver Edition allows users to purchase a single license for one Piano from the EastWest QL Pianos.

Note that even though only the standard 88 piano notes are included in the Silver library, this Bösendorfer 290 is a 98-key piano; the resonance of those extra strings provides an extra rich bass sound.

Key Features of this Bösendorfer 290 Silver Edition:

  • 16-bit Samples
  • Player Mic Position
  • 8 Articulations
  • 10-18 velocities per note of sustain and sustain with pedal
  • 8-12 velocities per note of repetitions and repetitions with pedal
  • 5-8 velocities of soft pedal and soft pedal with sustain pedal
  • Recorded in a proper piano environment with vintage Neumann microphones, Meitner AD converters and a vintage 8078 Neve console
  • PLAY interface includes impulses from the same hall the producers used to record Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs so the pianos can blend with those collections.

The QL Pianos have been produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the same production team that produced the multi-award winning EastWest QL Symphonic Orchestra and EastWest QL Symphonic Choirs.

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