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The EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA is the most awarded orchestral collection ever, including winning Sound On Sound's Reader's Choice Award an unprecedented 3-times, and the first orchestral collection to be recorded in a "state of the art" concert hall where orchestras mainly perform.

Recorded by 11-time Grammy nominated classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson.

The EASTWEST/QUANTUM LEAP SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA eclipses all others with the highest level of fidelity and realism achieving the feel of a live concert hall performance. Get that big "Hollywood Sound" film/tv/games directors and producers seek "out of the box", no other orchestral collection comes close or is as easy to use!

Symphonic Orchestra is available here via download in the Gold Edition and the Silver Edition:

  • Symphonic Orchestra GOLD EDITION: (33 MB) is 16-bit and contains all the listed articulations with a single microphone position. Please see the tables of the articulations, from page 40 of the PDF Manual for full articulations, or for a summary, please take a look at Contents.

  • Symphonic Orchestra SILVER EDITION: (11 GB) is 16-bit and contains a limited selection of articulations with a single microphone position. Please see the tables of the articulations, starting from page 40 of the PDF Manual, to see which articulation files are included in Silver.


Symphonic Orchestra Edition Comparison Quick Reference

    Category Gold Silver
    Articulations All articulations and instruments Essential articulations and instruments
    Mic Positions Stage mics only
    (conductor's position)
    Stage mics only
    (conductor's position)
    Sample Rate 44.1kHz 44.1kHz
    Sample Bit Depth 16-bit 16-bit
    Installed size 33GB 11GB



    • Keyboard Magazine KEY BUY Award
    • G.A.N.G. (Game Audio Network Guild) BEST SOUND LIBRARY Award
    • Computer Music Magazine PERFORMANCE Award
    • Sound on Sound Readers Choice Award (record 3 times!)

    New Features:

    • 64-bit (for 32-bit compatibility use PLAY 4)
    • Intuitive custom interface
    • Intelligent Performance section including Portamento, Repetition, Legato, Round Robin Reset
    • Improved articulation window and controls
    • State of the art Convolution Reverb with pre-delay and additional Master control to route reverb to all instruments in an instance
    • Convolution includes concert hall orchestra was recorded in for additional control of hall ambience
    • Intelligent release trail engine that follows the note-on samples volume at all times, so release trails always match
    • Release trails unaffected by mod-wheel cross-fade programs, radical mod-wheel movements do not degrade release trails
    • Recall custom key-switches instantly
    • Key-switch sizes now unlimited
    • State of the art sound quality with high-resolution audio engine
    • Hi fidelity one pole filter for natural cross-fades
    • Stereo image editing now possible using channel sourcing
    • Original and Pro XP expansion combined into "complete" PLAY version
    • Completely re-programmed for PLAY software from the original recordings

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