Founded in 1995, by gigging musician Jim Odom, PreSonus® develops a variety of innovative, professional, and affordable tools for the music-technology/professional-audio industry including Studio One – a modern digital audio powerhouse built by creative people for creative music production.

Since 1995, Presonus has grown to incorporate a talented international team of hardware and software engineers who share Odom’s values and love of music. Top engineers keep Presonus us on the cutting edge of audio-interface and recording-software design, along with dozens of techs who work behind the scenes to make their products sound good without killing your budget.

In addition to their audio chops, the PreSonus design engineers have extensive backgrounds in military-specification surface-mount technology, ensuring that PreSonus products can handle real-world situations. This critical approach to design is why PreSonus gear boasts one of the highest reliability rates in the industry.