ProjectSAM Symphobia


SYMPHOBIA is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette - immersive ensemble multi-samples attained by true ensemble recordings and intense cinematic effects, all available in a rich selection of combinations and articulations.

With SYMPHOBIA, you have at your disposal an extremely inspiring orchestral tool for scoring film, games and television.

Available as a download or boxed product; please make your selection in the Delivery Method drop down and click Add to Cart.

NEW UPDATE! Now includes the 2016 Edition Update with...

  • Native Kontrol Standard support.
  • Komplete Kontrol Light Guide support.
  • New sample content.
  • Improved loading speed.
  • Updated interface.

Symphobia Key Features

  • Live recordings of orchestral full-ensemble multi-samples captured in a beautiful concert hall environment
  • Vast library of orchestral clusters, rips and other instantly inspiring cinematic effects
  • Covering strings, all-new brass, woodwinds and much more including Cinematic Ensembles, String Brass Section, Solo String Ensemble, Full Orchestra (see More Info for further details)
  • Lots of additional cinematic content including Dystopia II and ethnic flute phrases
  • Two mic sets available: Concert Stage and Close mic
  • Orchestral sections recorded as full-range ensembles, pre-seated on the stage
  • Custom Kontakt scripting and interface offering repetition, simulated legato, octaver and more
  • Approx. 21.5 GB library pool in 44.1 kHz 24-bit
  • NI Kontakt Player 5 included
  • Latest Update details here
  • Mapping/programming unlocked, audio/scripting locked
  • ADSR control right from the interface
ProjectSAM has also developed a series of tutorial videos on scoring for difference themes and genres. Click on the image below to check some of them out, including tutorials using ProjectSAM instruments such as Symphobia, Lumina, Swing! and Orchestral Essentials.

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