Soundiron Voice of Rapture The Soprano


Soundiron Voice of Rapture: The Soprano represents a new benchmark in solo vocal sampling for classical operatic voices. This first title in Soundiron's Voice Of Rapture SATB series, is a powerful 3.5 GB collection of fully playable chromatic content and emotionally charged melodic phrases giving you more creative freedom, expressive power and work-flow flexibility than any other solo vocal library in the world.

Soundiron recorded in a close, totally dry studio environment with exceptional microphones and preamps to capture every subtle nuance. They then carefully prepared and edited each sample and hand-programmed each element into an unrivaled performance interface that delivers both efficiency and control.

Soundiron have also included their comprehensive FX Rack panel, with multi-effects, compression, EQ, amp/speaker simulation and convolution reverb, featuring dozens of the most popular custom recorded rooms, halls, cathedrals and otherworldly fx impulses easily available right through the interface. The Soprano brings together superior programming, performance, quality and living, breathing soul into an unprecedented solo vocal solution that you will not find matched anywhere else!

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