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VSL Super Package


This is the ultimate Vienna Symphonic Library, the entire sample database from A to Z with a total of 32 included Vienna Instruments Collections (not included: Bösendorfer Imperial and the Vienna Special Editions) as well as 13 additional single instruments, covering the complete symphonic orchestra and a lot more. With its unsurpassed number of over 3 million pristine sound recordings, this tour de force is by far the largest compilation of orchestral samples on the planet. And still, the power of Vienna Instruments lies in its simplicity, giving quick access to a wealth of instruments and articulations and producing authentic results with ease.

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Also Includes:

  • Upright Bass
  • Concert Guitar
  • Overdrive
  • Bassoon 2
  • Trumpet (Bb)
  • Trumpet (Bb) Muted
  • Clarinet (Bb) 2
  • Flugelhorn
  • Vienna Jazz Drums
  • Soprano Choir
  • Vienna Whistler

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