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Zero-G Distorted Dancefloors

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Welcome to Distorted Dancefloors - a highly-acclaimed library bringing in rave reviews across the board and featuring over 1.9 GB of some of the most cutting edge and innovative dance music samples in the world.

Distorted Dancefloors covers as many aspects of the outer reaches of dance music as possible including germanic minimal techno, glitchy downtempo electronica, electrobreaks, grime, breakstep and much more, and all in pristine 24bit audio.

This library will help and inspire the seasoned or rookie producer to go beyond the norms of dance music and get twisted.

The techniques used to create some of these sounds range from the lowest of lo-fi, circuit bent kids toys, audio files spat out by crashing programs, all manner of overdrives, distortions, bitcrushers and downsampling, to the cutting edge of sound, spectral displacements, morphing, granular synthesis and extreme uses of the highest end reverbs, compressors and delays.

Veteran producer Si Begg has been releasing cutting edge electronic music for more than a decade. His body of work has included Peel Sessions, high profile remixes for bands from Lamb to Leftfield, as well his own catalogue for labels including Novamute, Tresor and Ninja Tune. He has also toured worldwide performing live and DJ-ing. More recently he has turned his hand to award winning music and sound design for television and radio. He's also behind these other highly-acclaimed libraries, Aftershock: Extreme Audio Cinematics, Electro Glitch Essentials, Extreme Vocal Environments (EVE) and Extreme Environments.

About producing Distorted Dancefloors, Si Begg says:

"I designed this library to encourage producers to get out of their comfort zones and push the limits of what is considered 'dance' music.

I also hoped, that as well as using the sounds and loops provided 'straight out of the box' and in the mix, they would also inspire you to get weird and mess around.

Noises can be chopped into percussive loops. Loops can be stretched and mangled into soundscapes. Try reversing them, speed them up, slow them down, filter them, distort them and generally warp them any which way you can.

There's no 'wrong' way to use these and no 'right' way either. Forget the rules and just play with the rudiments of sound itself."

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