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Bela D Media Giovani Revive

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Discover this exciting and significant development in the world of sampled voice. The Giovani Edition was the first truly dedicated youth choir library determined to strike a chord with musicians ranging from the semi-pro to the most seasoned professional. Bela D Media has faithfully captured the glory of an authentic youth choir complete with 24-bit traditional church ambiance. The Giovani Edition sample library effortlessly produces a sincere, natural tonality alive with essential human characteristics.

Enlisting the talents of a professional 32-piece youth choir, the Giovani Edition had achieved a sampling first by incorporating both ensemble and chamber sized vocal sections, finally enabling the correct composition of choral parts using a sample library. In addition, Bela D Media was the first to acknowledge and sample a complete girls choir.


  • Sixteen vocalists Boy choir ensemble
  • Sixteen vocalists Girl choir ensemble
  • Four vocalists Boy choir chamber
  • Four vocalists Girl choir chamber
  • Boys and Girls vocal effects

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