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Bela D Media Vocal Tools Tenor

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Bela D Media Vocal Tools Tenor is one of the first sampled voice libraries to utilise vocal phrase sequencing, by means of unique programming, sample editing, and the advanced Vocal Tools script.

The user has complete control over the elements within a given phrase across the vocal scale. Created exclusively for Native Instruments Kontakt, the Tenor is sung with a dark and haunting operatic vocal style that lends itself perfectly to any film or media project.

What is sung? The Tenor has a significant gathering of Latin and Gregorian vocal elements. In addition, you will find “Moving Vowels” such as/and for example: Ah Say Too V Chay. This style of vocal sampling held tremendous success with Bela D Media’s DIVA series but now the game has changed. You control the phrase! The Tenor is 24-bit audio recorded direct via the CAD Trion 8000 tube microphone.

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