Big Fish Audio Grindhouse: Sound of 70s Genre Cinema


Grindhouse is a collection of edgy, lo-fi, and retro-cool multi-sampled instruments with loads of character and a unique 1970s exploitation movie vibe. Big Fish Audio's goal in creating Grindhouse was to produce a virtual instrument that had the same feel as those old exploitation films: a VI that is so bad, it’s good. This library is a collection of instruments that sound like they were sampled from old vinyl LPs and recorded off a bad copy of an obscure 1970s exploitation film.


  • 12.4 GB of uncompressed 24-bit WAV data
  • Over 70 Instrument patches
  • Six main Style Folders
  • Contains: Drums & Percussion, Horns & Winds, Vocals, Strings & FX, Keyboards, Basses, Guitars

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