Download Boom Library Assault Weapons Construction Kit

Boom Library Assault Weapons Construction Kit


Boom Library proudly present their new and fully loaded Assault Weapons sound effects library! Get your hands on the trigger and take hold of this great collection of high-end gunshot recordings: 25 different weapons coming as 18-channel multitrack recordings with 96kHz / 24bit and more than 14GB in 600 files.

Packed with lots of great material, this “Construction Kit” includes sweeteners like mechanics, bullet impacts and gun tails. You also get impulse responses and trigger files for each single shot to easily place your weapon in a desired environment (see video below for more information)

All files contain detailed metadata information (including distances and microphones used) to ensure a fast and easy workflow. Whatever scene you want to add sound to, you can mix and adjust these 18-channel multitrack recordings just the way you need them. High-frequency microphones guarantee you clear and to-the-point material you don’t want to miss out on. Expand your opportunities and get hands on Assault Weapons!


  • Including Impulse Responses
  • 25 guns
  • 18-channel multitrack recordings
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata
  • Download the PDF on the right for a full list of weapons and content

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