CineSamples CineLegacy Perc BUNDLE


This is the CineSamples legacy series of percussion libraries recorded at Manhattan Center Studios in New York. Includes: CineToms 2, CineSnares, CineCrash - all in one bundle.

CineSnares is the first installment of Cinesamples' next-generation orchestral percussion line. Featuring a groundbreaking combination of sampling, scripting and microphone perspectives, Cinesnares is designed to replace aging percussion libraries and add a new, fresh, realistic sound to your track.

For years now we have been hearing the same one or two cymbal patches everywhere we turn - on TV, at the cinema, on our game consoles and on the web. When Cinesamples began recording our own percussion series we knew immediately the cymbals would be a must. When evaluating how to produce this library we thought it best to just step completely out of the way and let the samples do the talking. In cinecrash you will find 5 basic patches and a 3 multi/condensed patches for those who are trying to cut back on their track count these days.

This is a complete reboot of Cinesamples' Toms library featuring all-new samples, recorded in the same space as Drums of War. Multi-mic adjustments, custom patches and multis. Not to be confused with the discontinued CineToms 1 library.

Kontakt Files for fully purchased Kontakt 4.2 or higher. Will not work in the free Kontakt Player.

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