EastWest Hollywood Solo Cello


The EastWest/Quantum Leap Hollywood Solo Cello virtual instrument is a library designed to work together seamlessly with the Hollywood Orchestra series. While it includes many of the same features, there are a few key differences that are outlined below.

  • The microphone configuration is designed for solo instruments, as opposed to a full orchestra. Instead of the surround and vintage surround microphone positions used in the Hollywood Orchestra series, the Hollywood Solo Cello supplements the close and mid microphone positions with vintage alternatives.
  • In the Hollywood Solo Cello, dynamics and vibrato depth are linked together on the Mod Wheel (CC1), whereas the Hollywood Orchestra series offers independent control of dynamics and vibrato depth.
  • A new type of Legato instrument is available (Legato Sus Slur) that combines the legato and sustain articulations into one sample layer, allowing for more continuity over the duration of a note.

Hollywood Solo Cello contains multiple articulations and is divided into 5 categories:

  1. Long Solo
  2. Long
  3. Short
  4. Keyswitch
  5. Legato

To achieve realistic results, the library contains a plethora of cello articulations including:

  • Long legato sounds, sustains plus varying levels of vibrato
  • Long non-legato sounds for double-stopping and/or polyphonic writing
  • Flautando
  • Grand Détaché RR
  • Lyrical Vibrato
  • Sustain Expressive
  • Tremolo
  • Marcato (long and short)
  • Pizzicato
  • Sforzando
  • Spiccato

For further details on articulations, please see the Contents tab.

Hollywood Solo Cello can be purchased separately here in the Gold Edition, but also forms part of EastWest's Hollywood Solo Instruments Series:

The EastWest Hollywood Solo Instruments series is comprised of Hollywood Solo Harp, Hollywood Solo Cello and Hollywood Solo Violin.

These extensive libraries were recorded, engineered, and produced with the superior level of sound quality the EastWest brand is known for. Each of the instruments were recorded in Studio 1 at EastWest Studios, the same studio Hollywood Orchestra was recorded in.

This gives the complete Hollywood Orchestral series a consistent sound and ambience, which emulates a traditional large studio orchestra.

A wide variety of articulations were recorded for each instrument, focusing on typical solo instrumentation. In some cases, these various articulations are presented as separate instruments in PLAY’s Browser view. In other cases articulations are accessible via a key-switch instrument, where multiple articulations load as one instrument, and pressing a trigger key activates the current one.

These instruments can be used on their own or integrated into a larger orchestral framework with other titles in the Hollywood Orchestra Series. All these titles have been designed to work together to create an integrated orchestral sound. They were all...

  • Recorded in the same studio with many of the same microphones and positions
  • Engineered by Sound Engineer Shawn Murphy
  • Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix
  • Programmed using the same practices and software

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