Freshtone Complete BUNDLE

Freshtone Complete BUNDLE

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Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol. 1

Lost Tapes Volume 1 resonates with the textural sensations of an age, with that human touch, spontaneous and exciting. 43 choice cuts featuring the instruments, and the playing style of the era, with the gestures of soul, pure and funky, and sounds of the ghosts of pop’s past. In Acid WAV, AIFF and Rex 2 format, ‘Lost Tapes’ was recorded in a unique environment.

The tracks were played on a wide range of sixties instruments from legendary manufacturers such as Burns, Baldwin and Dan Electro into vintage Selmer and Vox amplification. Premier and Ludwig kits also from that decade were recorded using a selection of rare ribbon mics. Old tone wheel Hammond B3 and A100 organs further evoke the past. All tracks were recorded onto an old Studer 1” tape machine via an EMI Redd desk which once resided in the famous Decca Studios.

The result is a refreshing, genuinely authentic collection of old skool tracks that evoke a bygone era and genuinely captures the spirit of the age. These wonderful loops will enable writers and producers to sculpt some classic tunes, so enjoy!

Download Size 

  • Files 1-5: 953.6MB each
  • File 6: 793.3MB

Freshtone Lost Tapes Vol. 2

Lost Tapes Vol.2 Fired by nostalgia, moving bass lines, funky horns, slinky guitars, retro keys and the gestures of soul, together encapsulating the good things about an iconic era in music, welcome to ´Lost Tapes 2´ from Freshtone Samples the eagerly awaited follow-up to Lost Tapes 1! In Acid WAV, and Rex 2 format, Lost Tapes 2 has been specifically made to enable you to create a genuine period funk and soul sound picture, using the instruments and playing style of the day.

Much of Lost Tapes 2 was recorded at Gizzard studios in London´s East End, using their rare Alice Stancoil early 1970´s AM series quadrophonic mixer, which once resided at the famous Manor Studios, and put to tape on a Studer A80 2" 16 track and a Studer A80 ¼" machine. Lost Tapes 2 features the Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, a rare early Hofner Violin Bass, a Burns Sonic Bass, vintage Gibson 335 and Fender Telecaster through an old 1968 Marshall 50 watt combination and WEM Dominator amps amongst other period instrumentation.

Also, for the first time, the Freshtone brass section makes it debut adding sparkle and bite to each of the 40 compositions. Just like before this is real live music played by the Freshtone band and finely honed by our production team using many years of recording experience for you to use, we hope it enhances your creativity and inspiration. Go back in time now and immerse yourself musically somewhere between 1967 and 1973, and create!

Download Size:

  • Parts 1-2: 1GB each
  • Part 3: 456MB

Freshtone Vintage Drums - The Fills

Vintage Drums Great fills are hard to find, when you do find them it´s rare to have the flexibility or range you´d ideally like. It´s a problem we´ve experienced ourselves on many occasions, and it´s why we´ve created ´Vintage Drums: The Fills´. 
These loops are full of soul, and we hope represent an exemplary and definitive collection which will meet all your expectations. As well as conventional time signatures you´ll find some unusual ones, and we´ve also moved into styles that are otherwise fairly uncharted on more conventional packages. 

After our initial aim of a couple of hundred prime fills we had such great sessions in the studio that we just kept going and recipients of this package will be getting over 1,500 files encompassing not only the fills themselves but full drum breaks, rides, hats and percussion too. This is a truly comprehensive selection and we hope that this latest Freshtone release will fit neatly into your production arsenal. 

Recorded again in a true vintage analogue environment with drummers Emre Ramazanoglu and William Bowerman, and in WAV/Aiff/Acid WAV/Rex 2 formats we are also included full multisampled, velocity sensitive kits for EXS24 and Kontakt as users requested after our first release.

Download Size: 

  • Files 1-4: 499MB each
  • File 5: 363MB

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