Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX LITE


The CFX Lite is a subset of the Garritan Abbey Road Studios CFX Concert Grand that retains the expressive detail of the original by providing the full power of the Close Classic mic perspective. 

This perspective best captures the natural tonal character, clarity and nuance of the instrument and the result is a stellar downloadable piano at a very affordable price.


  • Yamaha CFX Concert Grand
  • Recorded in Abbey Road Studios' famous Studio One
  • Highly playable and incredibly realistic
  • Features one mic perspective - Close Classic (compared to three in full version)
  • All 20 layers of detail from the original CFX are represented
  • New features include timbre effect, additional reverb controls, and added realism to pedal behaviour
  • Includes reverb impulses of presets from Abbey Road rack gear
  • Powered by the ARIA engine - no need to buy a separate sampler!
  • Upgrade path available to the full CFX Concert Grand
  • Download the PDF on right side of page for comparison table
  • Size: 22GB



The Yamaha CFX is an incredible concert grand piano characterised by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle, expressive nuances. To create an incredible virtual piano, Garritan matched this beautiful instrument with the stunning acoustics of Abbey Road's Studio One. To this, they added a team of world-class engineers who leveraged an exceptional collection of microphones and outboard gear to create the finest sampled piano ever captured.

All 20 layers of detail from the original CFX are represented, including separate sample sets for pedals-up, sustain pedal down and soft pedaling. The CFX Lite also adds pedaling and other features not found in the original CFX Concert Grand. These include partial and re-pedaling functionality plus more than 20 additional impulses captured from Abbey Road Studios’ legendary outboard reverb equipment.

The CFX Lite includes the powerful ARIA player, and is designed to be a perfect addition to music notation-based programs, like Finale, as well as to all sequencers and digital audio work stations. It is also equally at home in live usage as it is in a studio setting.


New Features added to CFX Lite... (now also included in the latest full CFX version update)

Timbre Effect
CFX Lite uses a higher or lower sample than the pitch you play (depending on the knob setting) and transposes it, producing the altered timbre at the correct pitch. When the Timbre Effect knob is at 50%, you'll experience the natural timbre of the sampled Yamaha CFX concert grand piano. Turn the Timbre Effect knob above 50% to give the piano a more plucked sound, and turn the Timbre Effect knob below 50% for a less percussive sound.
This can be used to emulate the George Martin technique utilized on "In My Life"

Size and Decay knobs added for more comprehensive control over the reverb settings.

22 Reverb impulses of actual presets from Abbey Road Studio One rack gear (serious secret sauce!)

Re-Pedaling and Partial Pedaling
Added realism to pedal behaviour. Re-Pedaling "Catches" a note with the sustain pedal after it is played, and Partial Pedaling allows you to use a continuous sustain pedal to vary the amount of dampening applied.

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