Garritan Harps


Garritan Harps virtual instrument features a variety of harps and special features including advanced glissando emulation, sampled acoustic spaces, and much more to give musicians, composers and producers the tools to easily recreate the enchanting sound of the harp in their music.

A collection of harps are featured in this instrument including Salvi Pedal, Venus Concert Grand and Lyon & Healy. Special features include full-ranged harp articulations - traditional angelic-sounding harp plucks, harmonics, Pres de la table, picked, dampened, and other types of playing techniques. Through a variety of options, Garritan Harps also makes playing glisses accessible to any musician.


  • Pure, pristine sounds
  • Full range of harp articulations
  • Heavenly Glisses
  • Special effects such as harmonics, Pres de la table and damping
  • Proudly powered by the ARIA Player

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