Garritan World Instruments


Garritan World Instruments is a new collection of over 350 expressive and exotic instruments from around the world. The world has such a beautiful and rich music heritage expressed through a myriad of diverse instruments. Here is a world of instruments waiting for you to explore and take your music in new and exciting directions.

The Garritan World Instrument collection offers a large variety of beautifully sampled flutes - Native American flutes, bamboo flues, Irish flutes, Chinese and Japanese flutes, Indian flutes, clay flutes, pan flutes, nose flutes and many other exotic winds from around the globe.

Available as a download or boxed version. Please select your choice from the Delivery Method drop-down menu and click Add to Cart.


  • Dynamic array of pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments
  • Numerous types of plucked and bowed strings
  • Variety of other instruments include didgeridoo, Middle Eastern reed instruments, accordions, Tibetan bowls, and harmonium, to name just a few
  • Controls for dynamics, vibrato, tongue/slur techniques, airflow, auto legato, auto-variability, auto-portamento, trills and more
  • Includes the advanced new ARIA engine
  • Efficient performance, fast loading and low CPU demand.

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