Gothic Instruments DRONAR Dark Synthesis


Add tension, darkness and mystery to your music and evoke instant emotions in your audience with DRONAR: Dark Synthesis - the fourth module in Gothic Instruments' incredibly successful series of Kontakt sound design tools.

Twisted. Bold. Supernatural. Disturbing. Industrial...

Heavy synthetic tones that are reminiscent of some of today's most popular TV dramas and complex cinematic sound design layers combine with DRONAR's critically acclaimed audio sculpting tools to make it easy to shape your own take on this sought after Synthwave/Retro Electro sound.

Netflix's Stranger Things soundtrack, Cliff Martinez's synth-driven score for the 2011 movie Drive, the music of SynthWave artists such as Kavinsky and Perturbator - DRONAR Dark Synthesis delivers all these types of sounds that would normally take hours to produce from scratch.

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  • Expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creator
  • Includes 127 .nki presets 
  • Total library size: 7.25GB 
  • Developed for the full (paid for) version of Kontakt 5.6 or higher 
  • Evolving, rich and complex sounds that would otherwise take hours to create 
  • From foreboding otherworldly and disturbing atmospheres to ethereal and mysterious soundscapes    
  • The perfect companion for movie, tv and video game soundtracks 
  • Great for intros, breakdowns and backing layers in electronic music
  • Expert and beginner friendly 
  • 6 pages of simple controls deliver massive control 
  • Create your own rhythm patterns in amongst the pad magic with the Rhythm Editor
  • Dive deeper with DRONAR's unique independent arpeggiator
  • Onboard FX provide further sound design options

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