Download Groove 3 Spectrasonics Keyscape Explained

Groove 3 Spectrasonics Keyscape Explained


Spectrasonics has another hit on their hands with Keyscape, the new virtual keyboard instrument "mega-library". Join Eli Krantzberg in these comprehensive Keyscape video tutorials, explaining all the features and functions, as well as cool, creative tips & tricks!


  • 16 tutorials
  • Over 1hr of video footage
  • For all beginner to intermediate users
  • Using Keyscape in Omnisphere
  • Download Size: 390MB (zipped)

Eli covers it all, from the basics to custom controls, automation, the arpeggiator and FX, using Keyscape with Omnisphere for giant, mind-blowing sounds and more.

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you´re ready to make your great escape into Keyscape, watch "Keyscape Explained" today!

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