Hybrid Two Project Alpha and Project Bravo Bundle


These powerful sound creation tools from Hybrid Two bring a host of superb cinematic effects and musical inspiration and as a bundle provide great value for money.


  • Over 4.3GB of sample content
  • 400+ Kontakt Patches
  • Brand new User Interface for even more control
  • Dual Control sequencer transforms ANY sound into pulsing rhythmic mayhem
  • Ostinato-style Step Sequencer
  • MIDI Drag feature instantly turns step sequencer notes into a MIDI file that you can drag into your host DAW
  • Gate Sequencer
  • Easily bring in your own samples and manipulate them with the interface
  • Created by renowned sound designers Daniel James and Aaron Frensley

This bundle includes:

Project ALPHA

Hybrid Two Project ALPHA is an intuitive and powerful hybrid musical cinematic sound design library created for Kontakt 5.1 that delivers over 2.3GB of sounds.Project ALPHA has been designed to effortlessly layer in with your workflow, allowing you to load in a few patches or drag in the open wave files to give your tracks that modern hybrid sound.

Based around a custom Native Instruments Kontakt 5 script, Project ALPHA allows for quick and easy customisation of any of the library's patches.

Project BRAVO

Project Bravo is the follow-up to Hybrid Two's incredibly successful Project Alpha and is an intuitive and powerful hybrid musical sound design sample library aimed primarily at Film, TV, Video Game and media composers.

Like its predecessor, Project Bravo features an intuitive and highly flexible custom-scripted User Interface, including custom step sequencers and a new Dual Control LFO sequencer, allowing users to go beyond the presets and sculpt their own sounds.

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