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Ian Boddy Beatalogue


Beatalogue is the fourth title in Ian Boddy's Waveforms series of sample libraries.

As a follow up to Drumalogue this one takes as it's starting material a selection of electronic drum patterns and loops which are then fed through Boddy's massive modular synth system. These are then filtered, mangled and generally messed up using a huge number of modules all in the analogue domain.

All the loops have between 3 and 5 variations and sonically range from sweet filtering all the way through to completely crunched and twisted mayhem. The quality of the distortion and overdrive achieved using these techniques gives the loops a gorgeous organic feel which is further heightened by the sound of the modular itself with it's fuzzy warmness and tripping envelopes.

The sounds are also provided in Rex2 and Apple Loops format enabling them to be used at various tempos and dissected by the end user for their own purposes.

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