Download iLok Key Version 3

iLok Key Version 3


The Third Generation iLok

How does it work and why do I need one?
The iLok is a special USB device that holds your licenses for iLok-enabled software such as Synthogy´s Ivory II product line. iZotope also support iLok as one of their three methods of authorisation. Software publishers use the iLok to provide secure protection for their software. When you run their iLok-enabled software, it looks for the software license on your attached iLok.

The Third Generation iLok
Smaller, faster, and with even greater capacity, the new iLok is here! The Third Generation iLok is fully compatible with software created for the second generation iLok. With its smaller form factor and metal body, it is more robust and less prone to casual damage.

  • It´s portable - you can authorize your software anywhere it is installed. At home, work, or at a remote location, you can keep your software licenses with you, not on your computer.
  • It´s convenient and cross-platform - Store your Mac and Windows iLok-enabled software licenses all on a single iLok. A Third Generation iLok can hold over 1500 licenses.
  • Worry Free - Your licenses are on the safest, most secure solution: the iLok. With Zero Downtime™ protection available*, you´ve got 24/7 peace of mind. 

*Ensure you are protected, with details on Zero Downtime™ available here

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