Download Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions 1

Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions 1


Impact Soundworks Acoustic Revolutions was designed, performed, recorded and edited by composer/producer Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson. Jimmy brings his experience as a TV composer with hundreds of cues under his belt for hit shows on networks like HGTV, WE, DIY and Animal Planet, among others. You may also know his music from a little video game called Mass Effect 2!

So, what makes this library great? For one, all loops have been performed in unique, non-standard tunings, enabling rich chords and progressions that are just not possible on a single guitar otherwise. Next, the loops are divided into highly useful construction sets according to tempo, style and key, eliminating wasted time previewing loops that won't fit your project.

Finally, there are some beautiful modern progressions and patterns that will keep you grounded on the contemporary edge of acoustic music in the style of artists like the Goo Goo Dolls, Dave Matthews, Vertical Horizon, etc.


  • Sliced WAV & REX2 formats
  • SAGE format for Stylus RMX
  • No sampler required
  • Drag and drop into your DAW
  • Seamless loops

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