Impact Soundworks Forest Frame Drums


Impact Soundworks Forest Frame Drums is a unique collection of earthy percussion for Kontakt 4 or higher. Three handmade frame drums (Primary, Deep, and Small) have been sampled in great detail to add a warm and realistic sound for your compositions and particularly ideal for world music, underscore and even epic cues.

The Primary Forest Drum was recorded close in a naturally ambient space which adds a pleasant 'splash' on loud hits. The Deep Drum is naturally quieter, but even lower-pitched and bassier, as it was recorded very close. The Small Drum is the simplest of the three with a naturally higher pitch; great for accompaniment.


  • Straightforward yet inspiring UI
  • Easy ensemble maker w/ voice control
  • All articulations per drum in one patch
  • Accessible tone shaping via EQ + FX
  • Convolution reverb with custom impulses
  • No keyswitches or complex mapping

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