Download Impact Soundworks Groove Bias

Impact Soundworks Groove Bias


The goal of Impact Soundworks Groove Bias was to create a set of deeply sampled acoustic drum kits inspired by classic 50s, 60s and 70s records and the timeless breakbeats we all know and love.

For decades, these sounds have been imitated and sampled over and over, but many producers have preferred to try and capture old kits with pristine, modern recording methods. Not so with this library. The motto was “the more tubes, the better,” and Impact Soundworks armed ourselves to the teeth with beat-up mics, analog gear, vintage drums and tape machines.


  • Straightforward Kontakt UI
  • Full drumkit patches
  • Single drum NKIs
  • Drumkit multis (multiple NKIs)
  • Drum part mixer with mic control

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