Impact Soundworks Plectra 1 - 8 String Bouzouki Kontakt File | Download


The 8 String Acoustic Bouzouki is the first entry in Impact Soundworks' Plectra Series of picked, plucked and strummed stringed instruments! This exquisite instrument for KONTAKT 4 is a joy to play right out of the box. Featuring all important articulations, intelligent string switching, true legato playing, multiple mics and advanced scripting, this is the most deeply-sampled bouzouki library yet. A perfect tool for film, TV and game composers, as well as rock and pop producers looking to add a new unique tone to their tracks.

Designed, recorded and produced by Dimitris Plagiannis, this first entry into the Plectra Series of virtual instruments is a classic instrument of Greek music. Reminiscent of the European mandolin but with a deeper, richer tone, the bouzouki has its roots as one of the oldest musical instruments. No sample libraries existed that truly captured this beautiful instrument in great depth and detail, until now!


  • Intelligent scripted engine and interface
  • Easy to load and play!
  • All 8 strings sampled
  • Multiple dynamics and strokes
  • Hammer-on, pull-off and legato slides
  • Tremolo and pitchbends
  • Sampled chord strums

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