Impact Soundworks Shreddage Bass Picked Edition


With the success of Impact Soundworks' Shreddage guitar libraries, the company received an overwhelming number of requests to do some sort of bass library in the same style. At first, they thought about doing a quick-and-dirty bass instrument focused solely on rock and metal. This would have been easy to do, but decided that they wanted to go above and beyond their initial scope and make a truly powerful, flexible virtual instrument.

Thus, Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition was born. As with the original Shreddage library, everything was recorded clean (DI) to allow the user maximum tone-crafting flexibility. Any multitude of amp and cabinet simulators can be used to great effect, but the samples also sound excellent with no processing, which was a central design goal. Impact Soundworks' experience with many bass libraries was that they tended to be difficult to place in a mix, so they wanted this instrument to simply sit well with minimal (if any) EQ and processing.


  • 3x round robins, 8x velocities
  • Downstroke-only mode
  • Octaves, anti-repetition & fx scripts
  • Easy access EQ, amp, comp, limiter

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