Download Output - Beyond 4/4 Movement Expansion

Output - Beyond 4/4: Expansion for MOVEMENT

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Get your polyrhythm on and your metre-messing geared up literally Beyond 4/4 Movement with this expansion pack designed specifically for use with MOVEMENT, the rhythm FX engine.

Add interesting rhythms to any track with presets in 3/4, 7/8, 11/8, 5/4 and many more.

This expansion pack includes 100 rhythm presets and 100 presets with effects and requires MOVEMENT to be installed on your system.


MOVEMENT is an exciting and powerful effects engine that adds simple to mind-bending rhythms to any input in real time - from guitars and keyboards to synths, pads, drums and even full mixes. Built equally for studio use and live performance, the creators of EXHALE, SIGNAL and REV bring you a tool that pushes the possibilities of your music.

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