Download Overloud JPverbs - REmatrix library

Overloud JPverbs - REmatrix library


JPVerbs is a REmatrix library created by John Paterno which collects the reverb chains he uses in his mixes. In order to create dense and richer ambiences he typically layers multiple vintage reverb units, so REmatrix was the perfect tool to recreate this process.

"I created a wide variety of IRs and presets to cover all of my needs. I wanted to keep them as musical as possible... hence useful in my world" John Paterno - Grammy Award winning engineer

A collection of 100 IRs and 101 individual presets. The presets have been created during real mix studio sessions with a particular focus on vocals, drums, guitars, keyboards and acoustic instruments. With JPVerbs, recalling the same reverbs used in Grammy Award records is just a matter of one click.

Load into the REmatrix Player

This library includes the free REmatrix player plugin which allows you to load any IR and preset included into the library.

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