Download Philtre Labs Bollywood Elements

Philtre Labs Bollywood Elements


Bollywood Elements is a 'premium' sample library inspired by the sound of "Bollywood", using the same melodic instruments and styles typically featured in songs, background scores of films of the genre.

Fusing Indian traditional melodic instruments in your contemporary genres of music can give you a palette which is limitless... making your music a class apart.

From New age to Hip Hop, Film Music to Jazz, Bollywood Elements can be used  in a number of ways to spice up your composition like never before.


  • Freshly recorded licks, one-shots, raga phrases, fx by seasoned musicians in India.
  • Different keys, tempos for each instrument - based on its nature and tonal quality.
  • Carefully recorded, edited and mastered - using state-of-the-art equipment, by experienced sound engineers and musicians.
  • Samples are ideal for use in songs, advertisements, background scores, remixes, etc to add an Indian melodic flavour to your productions.
  • The 'alaap' files are not 'locked' to tempo - in order to retain the human feel on this style of playing
  • 1000 unique performances recorded @ 24 Bit / 48 KHz quality.

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