ProjectSAM Symphonic Pack


This bundle pack includes both Symphobia 1 and True Strike 1. For full details on each title, please click on the name or image to go to their individual product pages.


ProjectSAM Symphobia 1

SYMPHOBIA 1 is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette - immersive ensemble multi-samples attained by true ensemble recordings and intense cinematic effects, all available in a rich selection of combinations and articulations. With SYMPHOBIA, you have at your disposal an extremely inspiring orchestral tool for scoring film, games and television.


ProjectSAM True Strike 1

ProjectSAM's acclaimed True Strike series holds the percussion libraries of choice for film, TV and game composers requiring cinematic, powerful percussion samples. True Strike, the first volume in the series, focuses on orchestral percussion. Offering 51 orchestral percussion instruments in multiple concert hall mic positions, True Strike is the only orchestral percussion library you will ever need.

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