Soundiron Ambius 1 Transmissions


Soundiron Ambius 1 is a massive collection of ambiences, drones, pads and evolving "synth" leads created by hand. Everything you hear was built using only organic field and instrument recordings. In fact, no synthesizers were used in the creation of this library at all. Soundiron used a variety of custom techniques to blend, warp, shape and layer the sounds of the known into the very unknown.

The instruments you'll find in this collection range from simple, clean, tonal leads to compound, constantly moving soundscapes and textures.

In this first volume of the Ambius series, Soundiron focus on the dark, the cryptic, the unnatural and the subliminal, in the form of strange unholy transmissions filtering through the void. You'll find an archive of EVP recordings engineered by the dead, earwitness accounts of unholy medical procedures, insidious swarms of poisonous insects, terror winds speaking with voices of pure and ancient decay and bio-mechanical devices worming through primordial pools of seething logic.

You will marvel in the sweeping glory of infinite choruses and spin endlessly soaring melodies from our cluster bells. And then you will fall helplessly into the blackened ash pits, where sleeping phantasms wait for the wet crack of your bones breaking on impact and the sour hiss of gaseous spectral vapors that seep in to dissolve your earthly flesh.

For version 2.0, the UI has been redesigned in the style of the more recent Ambius 2 Systematik library and retains many of the new advanced features that the second volume has brought to the series.

This library was originally published as "Ambius" Vol. 1: Transmissions" by Tonehammer.

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