Soundiron Voice of Gaia Strawberry


Soundiron Voice of Gaia: Strawberry is a professional solo mezzo-soprano female vocal library featuring premier vocalist Linda Strawberry Coloma. This 5.4 GB collection features deeply sampled legato, sustain and staccato vowels, along with thousands of customizable live melodic phrases, all with total adaptability and full user control.

Known for her work with Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins and numerous other collaborations and solo projects, Linda’s voice has an intense, dynamic and truly expressive quality perfect for everything from cinematic scoring, EDM and dreampop to industrial and world music. Her rich, mysterious and passionate voice and distinctive emotive style burn through the mix.

Soundiron recorded her in a warm studio environment with state-of-the-art microphones and preamps to capture every subtle detail. Each sample was then carefully prepared and edited and each element hand-programmed into a unrivaled interactive GUI-based performance system that delivers both efficiency and control.

This comprehensive virtual solo voice instrument brings together superior programming, brilliant performance, unmatched quality and living, breathing soul into an unprecedented solo vocal solution that you will not find anywhere else.

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