Download Toontrack Basic Rock MIDI

Toontrack Basic Rock MIDI


Toontrack's Basic Rock MIDI pack gives you just that. No frills, no fillers, just down to earth Rock drums. This pack comes with exactly the types of grooves and fills that you can never get enough of and that you always seem to come up short on – the tight, dependable staple drums that shouldn't be missing from any rock songwriter's toolset.

"I have always been into drums that don't get in the way of the song but rather build from the ground up. I think this pack will be extremely useful for a large group of songwriters looking for solid drum tracks" says drummer Martin Kristoffersson.


  • Drum MIDI suitable for any type of Modern Rock
  • Halftime / Midtempo / Uptempo in 4/4 and 6/8 straight and / or swing feel
  • Categorised in different songs
  • Intro / Verse / Pre-chorus / Chorus / Bridge / Fill Sections

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