Download Toontrack EZkeys Ballad MIDI Pack

Toontrack EZkeys Ballad MIDI Pack


Heartache, sorrow, sentimentality but also overwhelming joy, anticipation and desire – for decades or even centuries, the slow song has been the indisputable vehicle for emotion. Maybe that's why it's managed to seep through to even the most obscure sub-genres and why it's not by chance that some of the biggest hits of all time are ballads.

Simply put, ballads are the form of musical expression that the large majority of people can relate to, regardless of genre or preference, therefore essential in any songwriter's set of creative tools.

This Toontrack EZkeys MIDI pack takes a broad approach and covers anything from classic 70s-style progressions to the bombastic power ballads of the 80s leading up to the modern soul, R&B and country songs that top the charts of today.This collection will be your new tool for instant inspiration and song ideas. Writer's block? Meet your new co-writer. Start creating, it's EZ.


  • An extensive collection of chord progressions and playing styles for ballad music
  • Performed by a professional piano player
  • Covering straight and/or swing in 4/4 & 6/8

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