Download Toontrack EZkeys Blues MIDI Pack

Toontrack EZkeys Blues MIDI Pack


If you own a Toontrack EZkeys piano, this downloadable pack will add a distinctive Blues edge to your collection of inbuilt MIDI.

This pack will take you on a musical journey of blues through the ages. From the swamps of Mississippi to the smokey bars of Chicago and ending on a well-lit stage in Mainstream, USA. Infused in every note, beat and bar is the inimitable timing, feel and intuition that comes courtesy of a great piano player. Make music or start jamming, it's EZ!

Whether you produce soul, gospel, RnB or pop and rock, the Blues Ekeys MIDI pack will slot perfectly into your MIDI collection.


  • An extensive collection of chord progressions and playing styles for blues inspired music
  • Organized in song structures
  • Covering straight or swing in 4/4 and 6/8
  • Played by professional session pianist

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