Download Toontrack EZkeys Jazz MIDI Pack

Toontrack EZkeys Jazz MIDI Pack


When Toontrack asked jazz piano maestro Thiago Pinheiro (Stevie Wonder, Billy Cobham) to deliver a cross-section of jazz piano through the ages and boil that down into a songwriting-friendly EZkeys format, he took us on a jazz-fused ride starting with the standards through the sub-genres and ending up right where we are today.

For the songwriter looking for instant ideas, the guitarist wanting to jam or for someone who wants to learn more about the basics and essentials of jazz, this is the perfect tool!

  • An extensive collection of chord progressions and playing styles for jazz inspired music
  • Tempos and styles ranging from ballad to uptempo
  • Covering straight or swing in 3/4, 4/4 and 5/8
  • Played by professional session pianist Thiago Pinheiro

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