Toontrack EZmix 2 Complete Production 6 Pack

Toontrack EZmix 2 Complete Production 6 Pack


No matter if you are in your bedroom, on a bus or in a multi-million dollar studio, this bundle is the ultimate vehicle to take your song from initial idea to a finished, mixed track.

Find the perfect guitar or bass tone. Beef up your drums. Mix your lead and vocal overdubs, add ambient soundscapes and fine-tune your master. In total, approx 300 professionally designed effect chain presets for the most essential elements in a production - all in one handy package.

Add to this the already profound content in your existing EZmix 2 software and you have probably the most intutive, low-footprint yet powerful set of mix tools on the market.

When you buy this bundle, you'll receive the following six preset packs...

EZX Lead Vocals

The Lead Vocals EZmix Pack will help to make your lead vocals sound great and sit well in any mix, in just a few clicks.

EZmix Amps

Need an 80s 'Purple Rain'-esque sound? Call it up. Want a gritty twang guitar? Call it up. A soaring lead sound, a bluesy rhythm guitar or a fat rock bass? Call it up – it's all in there with the other 50 pro-designed signal chains based on guitar/bass amp/cab simulation including effects and stomp box processing.

EZmix Ambient

Toontrack's Ambient EZmix pack is a collection of settings specifically aimed at creating large, reverberant soundscapes. A creative toolbox, perfect for use in atmospheric compositions spanning anything from motion picture scores to modern pop and a wide array of other musical contexts.

EZmix Bass Toolbox

Toontrack Bass Toolbox EZmix Pack comes with 50 presets custom-made solely for bass guitar. You'll find anything from amp and cab simulation settings to signal chains for amp and DI combos as well as inserts applicable on any type of source bass guitar audio.

EZmix Mastering II

After the massive success of the Toontrack Mastering EZmix pack and by popular demand, here is a second collection of settings completely devoted to mastering.

EZmix Drum Toolbox

Toontrack Drums Toolbox EZmix Pack features a wide variety of one-click settings specifically tailored to enhance drum recordings of any type, all designed by a dream team of engineers: Randy Staub (Metallica, Alice in Chains), Neil Dorfsman (Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan), Pelle Henricsson (Refused) and the sound design team at Toontrack.


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