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Toontrack Metal! MIDI

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In this collection of drum beats and fills, Soilwork and metal drummer extraordinaireDirk Verbeuren dove into his back catalogue of records, picked his favorite and most versatile songs and delivered a highly energetic performance. Dirk is widely known and praised not only for for his inventive drumming and mind-boggling grooves, but also for being one of the world’s most dynamic and well-rounded e-drummers, having recorded several albums using Superior Drummer and an e-kit. All these traits come into full swing in this collection: the ferocious double-bass patterns, the blast beats, the skank beats, the rolls and an abundance of Dirk’s signature mad-scientist-fills.

All in all, a complete package covering some of metal’s most superior drumming.


  • A collection of 10 songs spanning Dirk Verbeuren’s catalogue
  • All songs organized as full songs as well as separate parts (intro, theme, verse, pre chorus, chorus, bridge, outro and fills)
  • Versatile tempos, grooves and fills

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