Download Toontrack Reggae Beats MIDI

Toontrack Reggae Beats MIDI


Anyone who knows their reggae would agree that the undeniable foundation to any reggae or roots oriented track is the rhythm section, always with the steady beat of the drums at the very forefront. In fact, reggae is likely unrivaled in terms of distinguishing drums. The moment that rhythm hits you, you know.

This pack explores the many faces of the genre and includes all the trademark side stick beats, the rockers, the one drops, the steppers and the unmistakable fills. From slow, traditional roots oriented reggae through Jamaican ska and dancehall. There simply is nothing like a reggae beat. Hard to play, impossible to mimic. But now easy to get.


  • Drum MIDI suitable for roots and reggae oriented music
  • Straight/shuffle in 4/4
  • Tempos ranging from 100 BPM to 148 BPM
  • Categorized as beats, fills and intro fills

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