Toontrack Superior Drummer 3


More than just a drum production tool, Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 is an entire virtual studio which provides an extensive and unrivalled set of options to creatively craft and design your drum sound without restraint.

Taking the Superior legacy to the next level, Superior Drummer 3 has been completely redesigned from scratch to offer a completely new workflow with a huge number of additional features and an unparalled core library of raw sound material. Superior Drummer puts you in control.

Key Features

    • Over 230 GB of raw, unprocessed sounds in 44.1 kHz/24 bi
    • 7 Drum Kits and additional instruments
    • Recorded with an additional eleven separate room microphones set up in a surround configuration for a complete immersive experience
    • Playback in stereo or up to 11 channel surround systems
    • Engineered by George Massenburg
    • Integrated offline audio to MIDI conversion
    • Approx. 350 vintage and classic drum machine sounds
    • 35 mixer effects
    • New and improved scalable interface with detachable windows
    • Edit Play Style, Tap2Find, Song Creator and Song Track features as well as improved workflow and search functionality
    • Built-in MIDI grid editor
    • DAW automation for built-in macro controls
    • Drag & drop and import for individual and third party samples
    • Support for keyboard shortcuts


      *Please note: Multiple licences are available to purchase for Superior Drummer 3 on our designated multiple licence product page - Go to Superior Drummer 3 Multiple Licence.

      **A 230 GB Superior Drummer 3 Core Sound-Only Library on an SSD drive is also available from us - Go to Superior Drummer SSD. (See bottom of page for more details.)


      Full Version Serial Download

      For all new customers that do not own Superior Drummer 2 or EZdrummer 2.

      Please select Download - Full Version (Serial) from the Delivery Method drop-down menu and click Add to Cart.

      Upgrade from Superior Drummer 2

      For owners of any version of Superior Drummer 2.

      Please select Download - UPGRADE from Superior Drummer 2 (Serial) from the Delivery Method drop-down menu and click Add to Cart.

      Crossgrade from EZDrummer 2

      For owners of any version of EZdrummer 2.

      Please select Download - CROSSGRADE from EZDrummer 2 (Serial) from the Delivery Method drop-down menu and click Add to Cart.


      Educational Single Licence

      For customers eligible for an Educational Single Licence.*

      *Important information for Students and Teachers. A valid academic ID must be submitted to us within 6 days of placing an order together with either this form for students or this form for teachers.

      If you are an institution or require more than one Educational Licence, please go to our Multiple Licence Superior Drummer 3 product page here for the relavent licences available for purchase.


        The Superior Drummer 3 software and the full core sound library are delivered as downloads, available directly from the Toontrack Product Manager upon registration.

        **At an additional cost, there is also an option of getting the full sound library pre-installed on a 256 GB solid-state drive (SSD). Note that this is a supplement intended for those that purchase a license and want the sound library conveniently pre-installed on a quality drive. This box comes with no software licence – only sounds. NEED THE OPTIONAL SSD DRIVE ? - Click here to order now

        Download Configuration

        Due to the size of the library and to ensure that each customer freely can decide in what capacity he or she wants to utilize the source material, the product is configured in six (6) convenient download packages. Start by installing the software and then add each package in sequence as you go.

        • Download 1: “Software” - The Superior Drummer 3 software. No sounds. Approx. download size: 230 MB
        • Download 2: “Basic Sound Library” - All instruments, all tools and all articulations in direct microphones as well as the OH Dyn and Amb Ribbon channels. Bleed available in Snare Bottom, OH Dyn and Amb Ribbon channels. Approx. download size: 40 GB
        • Download 3: “Room” - The rest of the room microphone channels (OH Cond, Amb Near and Amb Mid). Approx. download size: 46 GB
        • Download 4: “Surround 1” - Surround. Five channel microphone setup to achieve 5-channel surround. Approx. download size: 43 GB
        • Download 5: “Surround 2” - Height and width. Six channel microphone setup to achieve 11-channel surround (in combination with the “Surround 1” content). Approx. download size: 52 GB.
        • Download 6: “Bleed” - All remaining instrument bleed, meaning the sound picked up by microphones other than the one(s) directly intended for a specific instrument or ambience Approx. download size: 54 GB.

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