VSL Vienna MIR Pro

€327.60 €520.83

Vienna MIR PRO is a holistic mixing and reverberation engine for Mac and PC, based on revolutionary Multi Impulse Response convolution. Based on the central idea of “spatial mixing”, the software merges all parts of the creative process into a single intuitive workflow. Not just virtual instruments, but any audio signal can be processed and delivered in stereo, or in various surround formats on up to 8 output channels. You may choose your acoustic spaces according to your needs from various Vienna MIR RoomPacks with over 53,000 impulse responses of world renowned concert halls, legendary studios and recording facilities as well as exceptional churches.

Conduct Your Mix

As opposed to traditional production, where the mixing console is often seen as a barrier between the music creator and the music environment, Vienna MIR PRO / MIR PRO 24 offers an entirely new spatial concept, allowing the user to interact with the players more like a conductor than an engineer. Get rid of two-dimensional faders and pan pots – simply use the innovative MIR Control Icon to change volume or stereo width and even rotate instruments within a fluid three-dimensional environment!

More than Reverberation

Vienna MIR PRO is much more than just “a multi-sample” of a hall – and this is where it far surpasses any other convolution reverb on the market. The software combines specific directional frequency profiles with reflectional information from every instrument, assembling all of the acoustic interactions into an accurate and satisfying recreation of musicians playing their instruments in place and in space. Vienna MIR PRO / MIR PRO 24 is multi-source, multi-directional, multi-positional, and multi-format.

Please note the Vienna MIR Pro and Pro 24 both require the Vienna Room Pack(s) to be purchased separately. This software does not include any rooms without an additional Room Pack purchase.

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