VSL Vienna MIR Roompack 4


RoomPack 4 features renderings of the UK’s landmark building in the northeast of England that boasts outstanding acoustics. The eye-popping curved glass construction, with its shell-like stainless steel roof that appears to wrap itself around the buildings beneath, opened in 2004 as a center for musical education, performance and conferences. It contains three venues that have been constructed as isolated buildings in order to prevent transmission of noise and vibration. Additionally, the large auditorium is equipped with ceiling panels that may be raised and lowered, changing the sound profile of the room to suit any type of music. A special “spongy” concrete mix was used in the construction, with a higher-than-usual air capacity to improve the acoustics.

Two large halls, as well as the Northern Rock Foundation Hall, a smaller performance and rehearsal hall, have been captured with more than 14,000 impulse responses for Vienna MIR PRO and Vienna MIR PRO 24.

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