Download Zero-G ARC Evolving Soundscapes and Drones

Zero-G ARC Evolving Soundscapes and Drones

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Zero-G Arc - Evolving Soundscapes and Drones is an amazing 4 GB sound library full of dreamlike musical environments from the totally fantastical to the downright nightmarish.

Composer John Valasis is a master of creating vast emotional audio landscapes that transcend their medium. These brilliant sonic panorama will add interest to any type of musical work whether it be soundtrack or gaming production or in an EDM setting.

Some pieces could almost be construed as standalone musical compositions in their own right.

This library is a truly inspirational arsenal of sound content with a wide range of applications. It's full of emotional landscapes, evolving drones, deep atmospheres, heavenly voices and ethereal sounds, and much more!

As well as pristine 24bit Acidized Wav Files and AIFFs, the library also contains around 500 instruments in Kontakt, EXS24, HALion and NN-XT format so that you can load the sounds straight into your favourite composition software.

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