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Zero-G Beats Working


Zero-G, in association with Schtum Ltd, are proud to bring you Beats Working; the highly acclaimed drum groove library recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio 2 in London.

Beats Working offers an indispensable toolbox of immaculately recorded, highly usable drum performances, with Intro, Verse, Bridge, Chorus, Drop and Fills of every performance, covering a diverse selection of musical styles from classic pop to big band.

In addition, multiple kicks, snares (both modern and vintage), toms, cymbals and hats were recorded at multiple velocities, giving you the ultimate flexibility to design your own kit.

Recorded by top recording and mix engineer Haydn Bendall (28 years experience at Abbey Road and a first-choice engineer of many megastars), and performed by top session drummer Ralph Salmins, the sound and performances are impeccable.

Utilising high-end esoteric microphone pre-amps, and a direct signal path to a Euphonics R1, it is hard to imagine a purer, cleaner signal path. Abbey Road Studio 2 is the studio made famous by the Beatles, and it hasn't changed at all from the 60s - a beautiful sounding room with a very smooth natural decay, and one of the very finest recording rooms in the world.

Now, you have the power to recreate this very environment for your drum tracks. Abbey Road Studio 2 comes alive in your own studio, allowing you unlimited access to a piece of music history!

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