Zero-G Extreme Vocal Environments

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Extreme Vocal Environments (EVE) is a highly creative sample-based sound design tool that uses the human voice as its start point to create soundscapes and ambiences to inspire musicians and sound designers alike.

EVE is a unique product that allows you to quickly and easily create dense and complex ambiences based on vocal sources, ranging from musical pads through to extreme sound design to give you almost limitless sound design capabilities.

EVE has been created by Si Begg, the maestro producer behind the enormously successful Extreme Environments (the prequel library to EVE), Aftershock - Extreme Audio Cinematics, the highly-acclaimed Distorted Dancefloors and Electro Glitch Essentials. Being in such great company, this exciting new library definitely lives up to all expectations, forming a triumphant return for the audio genius.

Using vocal samples as EVE’s sound-source means you are easily able to create textures rich in detail and emotion . As well as tonal samples there are also sound design-based samples which enable you to create a variety of ghostly, disjointed effects suitable for darker projects.
This creative tool will prove extremely useful to anyone eager to create sonically interesting textures, from modern film, game and TV composers and sound designers to dance and electronica acts and lovers of Boards of Canada style lushness.

EVE is the follow-up to Extreme Environments and Time+Space has chatted to Si Begg about the making of this library and his fascinations about the human voice that fuelled its creation - read the full interview here!

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