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Zero-G Flamenco Sounds

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Welcome to Flamenco Sounds. Recorded exclusively in Spain, this collection captures a wealth of traditional and modern rhythms and flavours played by original respected Flamenco musicians - names such as Ketama, Tino De Geraldo and Pedro Andrea among others.

Included in this library are:

  • Guitar rhythms,
  • Male Cantaor and Female Cantaora (vocals),
  • Tapping feet,
  • Solo tapping,
  • Castanets,
  • Shouted vocals,
  • Cajon rhythms.


A rich assortment of essential peasant-style elements to help bring out the gypsy in your music.

BPMs and key references are included where necessary. Includes both ACIDized WAV and Apple Loops formats.

For more detailed info on the contents of Flamenco Sounds, please take a look at the PDF of Contents.

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