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Zero-G Kocktail Kollection


Kocktail Kollection is true Lounge collection that authentically captures the kitsch and cheesy sounds of the late 1950s and early 60s - perfect for adding some retro Lounge 'flavah' to some Hip Hop or Dance track...or any other medium for that matter...authentic Lounge Music of that era, Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Trance and on and on.......!

If you know and love records by people like The Three Suns, Martin Denny, Esquivel, Les Baxter, Lawrence Welk, Enoch Light, and Joey Dee and the Starlighters, this is definitely the quirky collection for you. Equally, If you know and love Stereo Percussion Demonstration records from the early 60' will want to own Kocktail Kollection!

This library's a true musical timewarp oozing authenticity - with over 1.3 GB of greasy, spring reverb laden riffs, steel guitars, cheesy mono synths, vocal licks, guitar "chicks", jazz keyboard octaves, live drums, lo-fi breaks, simulated old lounge record excerpts and hits.

The construction kits cover a wide tip of Lounge styles..from the 1960s sitcom theme sounds of: Flutes and Swingers to the more modern Lounge tip of Ala Brazil or the disco twist stylin' of Swingin' London. All kits feature multi key versions with or without the option of spring reverb.

Authentic tools of the era were used whenever possible: reverb plates, vintage basses with flat wound strings and mutes, 'cheapo' synths, vintage guitars and effects, 60s drum kits, vintage mics and much more. The raw essence of the recordings is expertly captured in the 24-bit quality at which they are recorded.

Kocktail Kollection was produced and conceived by Vinnie Zummo, the award winning creator of Zero-G's N.Y.Cut, Escape From The Planet Of the Breakz with Shawn Pelton, and his two most recent releases, Nu Jointz and Akoustik Bass Hitz. He is an avid fan of all things Lounge and a virtual scholar of the more obscure music of the 50s and 60s.

So, if you are looking for the deep cheese, Kocktail Kollection is the round for you! Call up Sammy, Frank, and Dino and let the martinis flow…

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