Download Zero-G Morphology Voices

Zero-G Morphology Voices


Welcome to Morphology Voices - a Download Pack featuring all the Morphology 'Voices' instruments/samples in the categories VOICE ATMOS and VOICE FX.

About the MORPHOLOGY sound library:

(The Voices section of which you get with this download pack)

Morphology is a stunning world of soundscapes that morph and evolve over time, ranging from the awesomly beautiful to the teeth-grindingly nasty. And a range of gorgeous synth pads using meticulously crafted multi-sampled analogue waveforms.

All this is presented in powerful and easy to use instrument patches for NI KONTAKT (KOMPAKT-compatible). In short, sounds that will inspire you to make your own music.

If you are wondering whether to dip your toe in and try one of these Morphology packs, you can learn all you really need to know from the Media Reviews (these reviews are of the NI-Powered Plugin version of MORPHOLOGY which includes the same sample library, so any comments about the library itself or about the Kontakt/Kompakt programming are valid for the download packs too).

However, if you also want to read about this jaw-dropping library in real depth before purchase - including indexes of all samples and instrument files, programming notes, Ian Boddy biography, and audio demo - click here to download a complete guide (.zip file, 173 KB).

The library is presented in NI's KONTAKT format (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A ROMPLER or PLUGIN - with this version you will simply be downloading the Morphology SAMPLE LIBRARY in WAV format which you can use with any music software - you DON'T get the NI "Kompakt Instrument" interface - but everything has been set up in KONTAKT patches which you also get, so if you have NI KONTAKT then all the instruments are already programmed, mapped out and playable).

Kontakt makes no compromises in the playing and performing of sample-based instruments. Its powerful multi-mode filters, envelopes, LFOs and FX will give this library enormous flexibility and a wealth of creative possibilities. Load the provided .nki patches into your copy of Kontakt, or, just use the WAV files with your favourite sampling software.

For more details on the contents of the complete Morphology library, please take a look at the PDF of Contents for a full list of Kontakt instruments included.

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